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cixi bureau of shen jingda deputy secretary to my company on-爱游戏app官网

date:2012-02-13 15:30:00   click:6707

on the afternoon of february 13, cixi food and drug administration, shen shida, deputy director of the company to the company's business management and development of the status quo on-site research.

company leaders to report to the deputy director of the "medical equipment gmp" normative activities and the next step in the enterprise management, technology research and development, product marketing and foreign market development and other aspects of the objectives and content.

mr. shen, after listening to the report of the company's leadership, fully affirmed the work done by the company in those years and said that as a supervisory department, he should continue to improve the work under the premise of strengthening supervision and ensuring the quality and safety of the products. mechanism to further promote the healthy development of the medical device industry, and actively concerned about the development of enterprises, try to help enterprises solve some problems encountered in the development of the company at the same time the future development of a constructive request.

through this research, the drug regulatory departments and enterprises to form a good interaction between the mechanism, but also clear the company's future development goals.