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12 oct, 2016

zhejiang guangci donated to the general hospital of the armed police in laos

to strengthen the comprehensive partnership of mutual trust, mutual assistance and mutual benefit between the two countries, to provide better medical services for the lao people, on september 20 by the shanghai youth league committee, the shanghai youth volunteers association and other relevant units of coordination, (shanghai) medical equipment co., ltd. and other units, to the lao people's demo ...

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31 dec, 2015

metal locking plate plate nail system registration certificate change was approved by cfda

december 30, 2015, guangci medical devices co., ltd. metal lock bone plate plate and nail system registration certificate (registration certificate number: state standard) 20143462306 change obtained by the certification of cfda, the change has increased the combination of holes, to the hole form.the product is suitable for patients with limb fractures, the product from the locking plate, locking ...

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29 dec, 2015

professor of the japan society of materials, professor guang guangxiong to visit guangzhi

november 10, cixi city, the person in charge of medical research ni haoming researcher, chinese academy of sciences, ningbo institute of materials, accompanied by researcher li hua, the incumbent president of the japan society of materials, institute of metal materials, northeastern university, professor guang guang guang guang guang medical devices ltd.       professor xing gu ...

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29 dec, 2015

provincial food and drug administration su zhiliang chief engineer came to guangci company inspection, guidance

october 10 afternoon, the provincial food and drug administration su zhiliang chief engineer came to the city of zhejiang guangci medical devices co., ltd. study guide, the soviet union on the development of guangci company is very concerned about, especially for artificial dental implant products listed have high hopes. to the company after the first time to the implant product production, testin ...

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30 jul, 2012

my company and donghua university held a training base in colleges and universities and production and research cooperation signing ceremony

june 29, our company and donghua university in guangci company held a grand training base and cooperation in production and research intention signing ceremony. zhou xiangzhen vice mayor ms. wang xudong hosted the signing ceremony, cixi city government sun zhifeng mayor assistant welcome speech. ningbo city food and drug administration guo zhendong, deputy director of cixi city, the communist part ...

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