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my company and donghua university held a training base in colleges and universities and production and research cooperation signing ceremony -爱游戏app官网

date:2012-07-30 13:53:55   click:7317

june 29, our company and donghua university in guangci company held a grand training base and cooperation in production and research intention signing ceremony. zhou xiangzhen vice mayor ms. wang xudong hosted the signing ceremony, cixi city government sun zhifeng mayor assistant welcome speech. ningbo city food and drug administration guo zhendong, deputy director of cixi city, the communist party of china to strengthen the signing of the signing ceremony and made an important speech, elaborated the importance of medical equipment, guo zhendong, deputy director pointed out that the drug is a cure , the equipment is life-saving; wool to strengthen the vice president pointed out that medical equipment is completely different from other products, it is related to people's lives and health products; hope that through the cooperation between schools and enterprises, bear the results for the benefit of mankind.

at the signing ceremony of the guests were: donghua university textile institute dean professor qiu yiping, vice president of textile institute professor guo jiansheng, professor professor jin ma ting, ministry of education textile technology key laboratory of textile technology professor wang lu 15 professor liu xuelong, director of zhejiang institute of biomaterials, chinese academy of sciences, professor wang xiaoxiang, director of institute of medical materials, zhejiang university, shanghai nanotechnology and industry development promotion center deputy director of min guoquan senior engineer; municipal government office, municipal science and technology bureau, municipal drug administration and other relevant departments.

some developed countries have biodegradable materials and bioactive materials as the 21st century focus on the development of high-tech materials. at present, extensive research and use of medical biodegradable materials and bioactive materials is very beneficial to the repair of human tissue, implant medicine has become a medical material research and development of a major direction. this contract is mainly carried out biodegradable biomedical materials industry research, for human fracture fixation and repair. the success of this project will fill the gaps in the field of domestic implantable medical device materials.