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provincial food and drug administration su zhiliang chief engineer came to guangci company inspection, guidance -爱游戏app官网

date:2015-12-29 14:04:43   click:4754

october 10 afternoon, the provincial food and drug administration su zhiliang chief engineer came to the city of zhejiang guangci medical devices co., ltd. study guide, the soviet union on the development of guangci company is very concerned about, especially for artificial dental implant products listed have high hopes. to the company after the first time to the implant product production, testing the scene, every time a soviet union general union carefully asked the product production, technology, testing and other related issues, the company xu zhongmian, general manager of the soviet union to answer the questions the subsequently, the soviet union chiefs listened to the general manager of xu zhongmian on the implant products of key technologies and major production processes, the company's existing production quality control capabilities and product development prospects and the company's next major work report.

su total workers in listening to the general manager of xu zhongmao after the report on the guangchen company's innovation, quality work given a high degree of recognition, the implant market will be zhejiang province, a major development of medical equipment products. su zhigong hope guangchen companies continue to increase innovation, improve enterprise information management level, speed up the product on the market speed, walk in the forefront of the province's enterprises.