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professor of the japan society of materials, professor guang guangxiong to visit guangzhi -爱游戏app官网

date:2015-12-29 14:05:24   click:7498

november 10, cixi city, the person in charge of medical research ni haoming researcher, chinese academy of sciences, ningbo institute of materials, accompanied by researcher li hua, the incumbent president of the japan society of materials, institute of metal materials, northeastern university, professor guang guang guang guang guang medical devices ltd.
       professor xing guangxiong is an internationally renowned medical metal materials experts, has been engaged in the study of biological materials, this visit is a chinese academy of sciences as a researcher to carry out two months during the research work on the production of human products into the enterprise business visit. guangchen general manager xu zhongmian met with the well-known professor guangxiong. xu zhongmian general manager first introduced the company's implanted products and the production of implanted products on the demand for new materials, professor kuan guangxiong introduced his research on new materials in the body, both on the current implanted products in the consultation on some of the issues in clinical trials. professor ni haoming, head of the medical department, made suggestions on the cooperation with guangci company in the development of new materials and the surface modification of materials, and reached a cooperation intention.